Lots of information & facts about Atomic Reactor Explosions


Iouli Andreev http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUB1BE8FNlM#t=2m10s

The possibility of an atomic explosion in an atomic reactor is well hidden and ignored by common science, mostly servants and getting direct feed from the atomic industry.

Dear Readers: There is a mightier power than an earthquake. It’s called “nuclear explosion”. And it can happen in each reactor. No reactor withstands this. If the burst protection of a reactor can not include an explosion in a reactor, then this contradicts the construction specifications. No reactor should have been built. So, every operating license is an illusion and illegal. Therefore, the nuclear explosion in a reactor  is denied by the nuclear industry, so that the reactors be allowed to continue and can be built.

From the book “History of the British nuclear industry” by Margaret Gowing, “Britain and Atomic Energy”, on page 382 the former  U.S. water-cooled graphite reactor at Hanford is described:

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