Obama’s barmy speech 03/2011 comment Fukushima Extinction Level Event

No containment of the contamination into the seas, groundwater & rivers, only useless attempts at containment, I had a vision of magnetic type barriers around the plants beyond the bays, that had a knuckle type magnetic connections that had the added benefit of supplying wave renewable energy and a mesh type net underneath it, which sounds like could be used to collect the contaminants but all is happening so slowly and I don’t see the international efforts.

Abama’s speech after the worst ever industrial disaster Fukushima multiple explosions & melt throughs, ‘You know, what I know, there is no immediate danger to public health’ to interpret that would be, ‘I know you know what I know and this is an extinction level event that won’t happen immediately but will progressively get worse & worse until all of humanity deal with it, as dispersal is no solution’, 3/11 ELE wonder if he knows who is responsible.

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