Clean-up robot pulled from Fukushima Reactor 2 due to extremely high radiation

Now 6 years later

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Cleaner Robot Pulled From Fukushima Reactor Due to Immense Radiation

The camera on the bot was compromised by the high levels of radiation.

A remote-controlled cleaning robot sent into a damaged reactor at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant had to be removed Thursday before it completed its work because of camera problems most likely caused by high radiation levels.

It was the first time a robot has entered the chamber inside the Unit 2 reactor since a March 2011 earthquake and tsunami critically damaged the Fukushima Da-ichi nuclear plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said it was trying to inspect and clean a passage before another robot does a fuller examination to assess damage to the structure and its fuel. The second robot, known as the “scorpion,” will also measure radiation and temperatures.

Thursday’s problem underscores the challenges in decommissioning the wrecked nuclear plant. Inadequate cleaning, high radiation and structural damage could…

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Obama’s barmy speech 03/2011 comment Fukushima Extinction Level Event

No containment of the contamination into the seas, groundwater & rivers, only useless attempts at containment, I had a vision of magnetic type barriers around the plants beyond the bays, that had a knuckle type magnetic connections that had the added benefit of supplying wave renewable energy and a mesh type net underneath it, which sounds like could be used to collect the contaminants but all is happening so slowly and I don’t see the international efforts.

Abama’s speech after the worst ever industrial disaster Fukushima multiple explosions & melt throughs, ‘You know, what I know, there is no immediate danger to public health’ to interpret that would be, ‘I know you know what I know and this is an extinction level event that won’t happen immediately but will progressively get worse & worse until all of humanity deal with it, as dispersal is no solution’, 3/11 ELE wonder if he knows who is responsible.

FINAL PRESS RELEASE: Anti-nuclear lock-on action closes HMNB Clyde South Gate: five arrests, police blocking legal observers and photographers

Protesting the Nuclear Arms Industry.

Faslane Peace Camp

FINAL PRESS RELEASE 09.20 2th of February:

Anti-nuclear lock-on action closes HMNB Clyde South Gate: five arrests, police blocking legal observers and photographers

Starting at 06.30 AM today 5 anti-nuclear activists blocked the morning traffic at the south gate of HMNB Clyde in Faslane. The activists locked-on to one another using arm tubes and formed a blockade on the road leading to the gates. The MoD police cutting team arrived at the scene at 07:00 AM, while MoD officers blocked legal observers’ access from the activists. The morning traffic was directed to the North Gate of the naval base. At 07.30 AM, at the time of the first arrest, the tailback of the traffic stretched from the North Gate beyond Shandon, a distance of over two miles.

By 09.20 AM all 5 anti-nuclear activists were arrested and transported from the scene. The South Gate, one of two main staff entrances…

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Belarus: Nuclear Power Police State – Critique by Ian Goddard


Image source credit JADWIGA BRONTE Source;
In this video Ian Goddard looks at the story where an AP reporter was taken to court for reporting on contaminated milk. He breaks down the scientific evidence available and is not happy with what he finds..
Published on 3 Jan 2017

Belarusian kangaroo court finds AP reporter guilty:…

Original AP milk report:…

Background on Belarus:

“According to official post-Soviet data about 60% of the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus.”…

@ 2:46 Belarusian Association of Journalists: “The outcome of the trial dramatically narrows free expression in the country, as it casts doubts on the very possibility to hold journalistic investigations in Belarus.”…

@ 3:08…
@ 3:11…
@ 3:15…
@ 3:19…

@ 3:38,…

@ 3:45, NAS statement on Bandazhevsky…

@ 4:54, Novikau (2016):

@ 7:37, the Ukrainian Government’s…

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Landscapes I saw



A short poem at the beginning of the year.
Accumulated dust can make mountains.


Here are the pictures that show reality.
Taken on January 2nd 2017.


These black bags are full of soil and fallen leaves gathered in the course of the decontamination work.

These bags last from 3 to 5 years.
What do we do now?


Over the mountain of black bags lies Odaka station.

Now anybody can get on and off the train.


Source: Akiyoshi Imazeki, Odaka Station, Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima Prefecture

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Fukushima victims still suffer five years on

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

TOKYO, May 25 (Xinhua) — Iidate Village, about 40 kilometers from Japan‘s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, is now almost a ghost town.

Few human traces can be spotted, weeds are spreading, dirty water flows everywhere, and no living sounds can be heard except for a few raven’s croaks.

Japanese photographer Hida Shinsyuu has visited the nuclear contaminated zone more than 30 times. Looking through his camera, he often cannot hold back his tears.

Even more so, when he sees “nuclear refugees” suffering from diseases such as thyroid cancer yet having no one to turn to, he feels a lot of anger.

“In Fukushima, families who have thyroid cancer sufferers are experiencing loneliness and pain, as they are unwilling to reveal the “scars” to their relatives or friends, nor do they want to tell their children about the nuclear radiation,” said Shinsyuu.

In June 2015, Shinsyuu met a girl…

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